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Ristorante Dopolavoro La Foce Val d’Orcia

Ristorante Dopolavoro re-opened at La Foce a few years ago, and now it’s a spacious open barn-like restaurant and a recommended stop while touring the Val d’Orcia region. Come here for delicious food in a relaxing outdoor or indoor setting, with friendly service and English spoken. They are open all day and the location is next to the famous Origo villa and gardens, making this the perfect place for lunch before taking the guided garden tour at La Foce on the weekends… Read More

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Trattoria Latte di Luna Pienza Tuscany

Trattoria Latte di Luna in Pienza, Tuscany Latte di Luna is our favorite restaurant in Pienza for delicious local cooking. This is the perfect place to eat the original pasta of this area, the homemade pici = hand-rolled spaghetti. You would usually have it with ragu or with aglione, the garlic-tomato sauce. Last time I tried the gnocchi instead of pici, and they were wonderfully light and tasty little lumps. Starters include the typical crostini and cold-cut cured meets, while the… Read More

Ristorante del Falco

For a good Tuscan meal in Pienza, go to Ristorante del Falco, an established local restaurant where we always eat well. On our last visit in October 2013 we had seriously good homemade pasta, grilled lamb chops, and delicious desserts. We like the outdoor tables in the front courtyard. This classic local restaurant doesn’t rate highly in Pienza, because they haven’t changed their traditional home-cooked ways just to appeal to the modern tourist trade. Service is quick and friendly, English… Read More